BTS (BTS) Jin wins first place in voting for stars who look good with the modifier "hexagon"

5 Sep 2023
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BTS (BTS) Jin was selected as the No. 1 star who fits well with the modifiers "multi-talented" and "hexagonal."

In a survey conducted on the idol chart from August 28 to September 3, "Which star fits well with the modifiers multi-talented and hexagonal?" BTSs topped the list with 32,181 votes (about 34% turnout) out of 94,328 votes.

Song Ga-in, who won 28,936 votes (about 31% of the vote rate), came in second place. It was followed by BTS Jungkook (20,911 votes), Park Ji-hyun (6351), Kim Hee-jae (2077 votes), TWICE Ji-hyo (1102 votes), IU (681 votes), Park Woo-jin (434 votes), Lee Seung-hoon (392 votes), Suzy (338 votes), U-Know Yun-ho (233 votes), SEVENTEEN (1586) and STAYEON.

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