NCT DREAM concert, "Alien+In" stage greeting is canceled...COVID-19 Nightmare Rejuvenating

27 Jul 2022
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Red light has been turned on in the entertainment industry due to the re-proliferation of the novel coronavirus infection. As a series of confirmed cases emerged, scheduled performances and events are being canceled.

The group NCT Dream planned to hold its second solo concert until the 31st. However, following member Mark, Renjun was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, putting the plan on hold.

The agency SM Entertainment said, "Renjun was tested positive in the self-diagnosis kit conducted because he felt symptoms of condition abnormality, so he immediately conducted a PCR test and was finally confirmed."

In the meantime, announcing the cancellation of the concert, he said, "Both the members and staff have been preparing hard to meet the expectations of the fans who waited for the concert, but we made the decision inevitably because we couldn't show the best performance under the current situation."

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